Japanese Cooking All You Need to Know

Japanese cooking recipes are very easy to obtain everywhere nowadays from cookbooks to television shows, internet sites etc. You can easily get recipes of your favorite Japanese dish anytime you want just login to internet and do a quick search. However,before you even begin trying your hand at cooking Japanese dishes, there are certain things you need to familiarize yourself with first, in order to prepare the best Japanese dishes. One of the important things to know about is the equipment that you will be using to prepare these dishes:


A wok can be your best friend, when it comes to cooking Japanese dishes. Almost all Japanese cooking recipes will require a wok, which is a bowl-shaped, rolled steel pan. You can use it for steaming and frying, as well as other ways to cook your food. It is especially great for stir frying, as its sides are high, and your food will not spill.

A rice cooker is necessary, since Japanese food is best eaten with rice. A simple rice cooker will give you an easy time preparing rice. A bamboo rolling mat is also a great equipment for a Japanese kitchen. It is used to make sushi—you will place the nori wrapper with all the ingredients on top of it (such as rice, mangoes, cucumber, fish) and roll it inside the mat. Once it is fully rolled, you will unroll the mat and end up with a long sushi. You will then slice this into smaller rolls.

The Japanese have their own knives called hocho. It is best used for cutting vegetables. Whatever dish you wish to prepare, a good set of knives is always good to have. Japanese cooking recipes also almost always include the following ingredients: soy sauce, wasabi (for sushi), mirin (or Japanese rice/cooking wine), and chilli spices. Having all these in your kitchen will have you preparing outstanding Japanese dishes in no time!