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Cook and Serve Japanese Cuisine right in your home!

Review: “A Touch of YouLin’s Japanese Kitchen” by YouLin

japanese recipes cookbook

If you have been longing for exquisite Japanese cuisine but put off by the extravagant costs that usually accompany Japanese dining, this is a dream come true for you! A Touch of YouLin’s Japanese Kitchen is true to its word, putting a Japanese touch to your kitchen, right there in your own home!

Bestselling in Asia, now it has reached your shores!

For those of you who are Japanese food lovers, I have great news for you! A Touch of YouLin’s Japanese Kitchen has just been released for sale in your country! This recipe book is the epitome of YouLin’s labor of love for over 10 years researching in Japanese cuisine and experiences. Hidden behind the scenes, YouLin worked hard to serve up the best and most exquisite authentic Japanese cuisine that satisfies even the most discerning taste buds.

Now retired, he has compiled all of his culinary secrets into this ONE book. YouLin now cooks only for his wife and kids. He has created this book out of passion for Japanese dishes, and wishes to share his favorite recipes and methods to as many people who love Japanese food as possible. Over the years of perfecting perfection, he has discovered secret cooking methods that simplify the complicated process of Japanese cooking, into step-by-step easy to follow instructions, that is simple enough even for a novice to follow. You will be able to cook up a storm and serve it piping hot in less than 30 minutes. And it looks and tastes just as though it had come straight out of YouLin’s own kitchen!

There are many recipe books for sale cheaply, but I can tell you that this by far surpasses them all in terms of authentic Japanese food. YouLin uses only the freshest and most natural ingredients to make the food tasty, and it is all clearly described inside the book. (It is not merely adding a dash of seasoning or flavoring!)

YouLin’s method of preparing Japanese food is unique as he knows how to use certain ingredients, such as the simple Japanese dried seaweed, to bring out the color and taste of his Japanese food creations. YouLin is also simply ingenious when it comes to combining food for nutrition and nourishment. For example, the humble sushi packs carbohydrate, protein and vitamins, in the rice, seaweed and fillings. It is also low in fat. And the end-result is pleasing to the eyes. It is simply amazing how Japanese food, if prepared in the right manner, can be food for the soul and body.

Over 108 top authentic Japanese recipes, personally used by YouLin in his glorious years, are individually described and illustrated, ready for you at your fingertips. You simply can’t go wrong by getting this book.

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